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Whites intentionally provide the false narrative that whites are more prone to police violence.

That is false.

Black are 12-13% of U.S. population and disproportionately prone to police violence.

Even when not having a firearm or other potential lethal weapon. Even when not posing a threat to police. Even when running away.

Whites are able to fight police with less likelihood of being "shoot to dismember" and being less likely to be used deadly force.

Whites are able to run from police with less likelihood of being treated with force.

And, as displayed a month ago, whites are able to protest wearing masks during COVID-19 by standing in police officer's faces unmasked, yielding firearms (hence, White to Bear Arms) and spitting in police officer's faces. All for the sake of White Freedom of Speech.

Lastly, when police are accused of brutality and rights violation of whites, police are more likely terminated from police positions and sued by whites. Usually without video proof and without eye witnesses.

We must continue challenging the White Narrative and never allow White Facts to confuse real facts.


Community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, researcher, founder & CEO of

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