To white volunteers and white donors: White “supremacy” includes being more concerned about being declared “white ally” than consistent accountability

This week I was supposed to be interviewed by a white woman named Nancy of a supposed philanthropic podcast.

Before starting the recording, Nancy told me she read and listened to my work.

Nancy’s tone of voice let me know Nancy was attempting a polite disguise for being offended by something.

Politeness is centuries of most white people’s attempt to claim objectivity, sincerity, and “I was just curious” when white people verbally and physically impose white control.

Nancy said she had an issue with how I talked about white people and “lumped all white people together.”

I told Nancy that rather than trying to lecture a Black woman about “not all white people are the same,” Nancy and other offended white people need to understand the generalization (read my previous Medium piece that explains generalization), and hold themselves and other white people accountable for contributing to the dismantling of 529 years of white supremacy.


Nancy paused, then responded “I don’t think this interview will work out for us.”

I laughed to myself and said “okay, have a good evening.”

This is the second white person with a podcast since last week (I mentioned the white man in another Medium piece) who canceled because I do not allow white people to lecture “not all white people.”

As I have discussed for more than a decade on board of directors, in community work, and as college faculty, NEVER allow power majorities to act offended and preach to you about “not all.”

A list of some power majority primary identities-experiences:

White people






Religious majority

Individuals and groups with power majority primary identities-experiences are not exempt from accountability.

The problem is when people with power majority primary identities want to cry or complain to minoritized people within the categorical distinction rather than dismantle power.

If you have a primary identity that is power majority, NEVER preach to minoritized people within that primary identity about how you consider yourself an exception to inequities.

Instead, explain that you understand how power majority requires you to challenge yourself and challenge fellow power majorities within the primary identity.

Beyond ideas, concepts, theories, and smiles.

Beyond an equity training and equity book club.

Even if you are contributing to the dismantling of the power within your power majority identity and group, never preach and never try to challenge minoritized people within the primary identity.

When you preach and try to challenge minoritized people, you are proving the accuracy of minoritized people’s skepticism and criticisms.

You are proving you are more concerned about getting an Ally Award and being thanked and honored as a “savior” and “rescuer” than you are in inconveniencing yourself, compromising parts of your professional life and personal life, consistently contributing to dismantling power disparities, and consistently increasing inclusion, equity, and justice.

If the white woman named Nancy of the supposed philanthropic radio show had not cancelled the episode because I refused to allow an “not all white people” rant, I would have explained to Nancy how white controlled philanthropy is a component of centuries of white “supremacy.”

This is explained in generations of Indigenous community work and Black community work and writings.

More recent examples:

In Philanthropy, Race Is Still a Factor in Who Gets What, Study Shows

Hidden in Plain View: Philanthropy, Mission Statements, and White Supremacy

‘Decolonizing Wealth’ Addresses Philanthropy’s White Supremacy Problem, Offers Solutions

20 subtle ways white supremacy manifests in nonprofit and philanthropy

There is white power, white dominance, and racism in most nonprofit collectives, most philanthropic collectives, and most grant funders in every USA and Canada city and every state/province/territory.

This also controls much of the world.

The white “savior” and white “rescuer” is expressed in white people’s claim of (false) colorblindness, white people’s claim of unbiased objectivity-rationale-logic, and white people being assumed and presented as THE expert more often than not.

This is the philanthropic and nonprofit form of what sociologists term colorblind racism.

If you are offended, angry, and outraged by this Medium piece, self-reflect and make consistent challenges and changes to yourself and to other platforms for white dominance.

Ask yourself daily how you are contributing to white power in contributing to white people being the controllers of the aggregate of nonprofits, funders, and philanthropy.

Ask yourself daily how you are contributing to Indigenous, Black, Asian, non-white Hispanic, and non-white Latinx/a/o competing against each other for a small percentage of funds and resources.

Rather than collaborations, Indigenous, Black, Asian, non-white Hispanic, and non-white Latinx/a/o are more likely to compete against each other because white people receive most funds and resources and white people control how remaining funds and resources are allotted.

This is centuries of design connected with classist, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, and religious dominant national design, state design, and city design that shapes everything about politicians and political parties, schools, medical and health organizations-facilities-services, workforce development and employment, police-court-penal, and family services.

Unfortunately, rather than having honest dialogue that holds people accountable and explains what is currently and increasingly being done to increase inclusion, equity, and justice, most white people are more interested in being thanked and kept comfortably powerful.

Image: Kendall Langston: The art of making excuses

Speaking of comfortable power, as I explained in the past year as people pretended Trump could prevent government funded entities from having racial equity trainings, gender equity trainings, and using a race theory — politicians cannot prevent schools from teaching Juneteenth, from using a race theory, and from other changes to schools to increase racial and ethnic inclusion and equity.

Please stop being intentionally gullible to hide the intentional white dominant and racist design of libraries, K-12 and college-university accreditation requirements, K-12 and college-university curricula, and school exams.

Most K-12 and most colleges-universities are intentionally white “supremacist” and racist. That is why certain publishers are selected. This is why certain books and journal articles are selected. This is why white people’s version of history, sciences, medicines, mathematics, arts, and literatures are used for most K-12 and most colleges and universities including most terminal degrees.

Most school decision makers and most school employees are compliant.

I do not allow Democrats, school decision makers, school officials, and school teachers to use Trump, white conservatives, and white Republicans as an excuse and distraction from what has always been the white dominant and racist foundation of everything about K-12 and colleges and universities.

Please find podcast interviews and services on 365 Diversity.




Community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, researcher, founder & CEO of

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Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, researcher, founder & CEO of

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