Yes, thank you for daily reminders of what Blacks have explained for CENTURIES.

Police are originated and designed to control and harm Blacks.

Years of research explains why most Blacks--across socioeconomic status--in communities and on college campuses are cautious and apprehensive about calling 911 when we are fear victimization or have been victimized; and cautious and apprehensive about alerting police of anything.

"Community policing" is a marketing scheme.

"Community liaisons" is a marketing scheme.

Police having basketball games and cookouts in Black communities is a marketing scheme.

Hiring Black police and having Black police leaders is a marketing scheme.

This is all done to provide a few good things to distract from centuries of police harm.

There is no such thing as "good cop."

Police brutality research also addresses brutality done by Black police.

This is the white supremacist history of policing, white-based police recruitment methods, white-based police training that intentionally lacks cultural consciousness, and white-based tokenism of Black police--most of whom come into police departments expecting to "change the system" but end of overlooking tons of bad things and helping perpetuate white supremacy.

So, yeah, most Blacks are law abiding and still take a deep breath if pulled over for a traffic violation or interacting with police in the streets.

I am a criminologist with a criminal justice background and I take a deep breath when interacting with police--unless I personally know the police officer.

In fact, I have started introducing myself as "criminologist with a background in criminal justice and specializing in police behaviors" when I interact with police in the streets.

That is not only to protect myself but to let police know that Blacks are monitoring police and taking records of how police treat Blacks.

This is a process that is only experienced by Blacks. Blacks are the only demographic-group told most of our lives to be cautious with police while utilizing police when absolutely necessary.

Blacks are most targeted by police including formal "stop and frisk" and informal, off the record, methods.

Blacks are disproportionately and overwhelmingly monitored, stopped, questioned, arrested, "shot to eliminate threat," and killed by police.

Blacks running from police is covered in Black writings quite often and Blacks explain this on news shows every few years.

After a while, we must admit that whites--including white liberals in support of Black Lives only when it is trendy--do not care.




Community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, researcher, founder & CEO of

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Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Community advocate, sociologist and criminologist, educator, researcher, founder & CEO of

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